The new 163,000-square-foot Leinweber Computer Science and Information Building on the University of Michigan’s North Campus will be the new home for the School of Information and will provide expansion space for Computer Science and Engineering Division of Michigan Engineering, bringing the two units together under one roof for the first time.

Currently, Michigan Engineering and UMSI are located on different campuses a few miles apart. Additionally, UMSI operations are spread across five buildings (North Quad and four leased commercial spaces downtown). Once completed, the new facility will eliminate the need for top talent to choose between working in a CSE or UMSI environment, remove barriers between like-minded colleagues, and bring UMSI’s community together. 

This will also strengthen the academic culture, promoting a fusion of human-centered and technical perspectives in critical areas such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and information privacy and security.

Computer, data, and information science are quickly becoming the backbone of systems that connect society. Creating a space where top scholars in computing and information can come together to help solve some of the greatest challenges in modern medicine, transportation, smart infrastructure, and more, will help the University of Michigan remain at the forefront of advances in computer science and information.

Over the past 10 years, the number of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in both CSE and UMSI has quadrupled. The Leinweber Building will provide much-needed space to meet the increasing demand for computer science and information graduates for research, industry and education.