Leinweber Building Location

The Leinweber Building will be on Hayward Street, to the west of the Bob and Betty Beyster Building, on the University of Michigan North Campus in Ann Arbor.

About North Campus

One of four U-M campuses in Ann Arbor, North Campus is in the northeast portion of the town. It is roughly bounded by Plymouth and Fuller roads.

Points of interest on North Campus include:

Academic units on North Campus include:

You can explore North Campus features on this map:

Interactive North Campus map


The Leinweber building site is directly adjacent to University parking lots NC48 and NC27. Lot locations are shown on this North Campus Parking Map

These parking lots require a Blue parking pass and also include numbered visitor spaces. Enforcement hours vary by lot. There is also Orange and Yellow parking available within walking distance on North Campus.

Visitor parking is marked in red on the map. Visitors park in numbered spaces and pay at self-serve booths in the lot.

North Campus bus system

The Leinweber building site is conveniently close to Pierpont Commons, where North Campus’ central bus hub is located. U-M Blue Buses and Ann Arbor city buses stop at Pierpont Commons. For full route coverage information, see the U-M bus schedule information and The Ride Ann Arbor.
Magic Bus: real-time display of U-M bus locations on routes